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The Most Affordable Ceramic Printer on the Market!

High Quality Colored Ceramic Decals are now a Reality! 

Starting at $2499.00 


Turnkey  Xerox decal printers, which are laser printers converted to be print fired on decals, starting at $2499.00. 

We  also sell ceramic decal retrofit kits for your Ricoh SP C430 and 440 printers for $2500.  (5 min conversion)

 Printer Supplies

We have supplies for your ceramic printer including decal paper, lamination paper and replenishment toner. ( Xerox and Ricoh)

We also sell accessories including including a complete accessory package to get up and running

Custom Printed Decals

Custom decals decals on mugs, vases, plates, tiles  or any of your pottery needs.  Decals made from your design or we can  create a design for you.  Decals are sold by the sheet/page size.  


Images  Fired on Tiles

Images or photos on tiles to make decorative coasters, trivets, plaques, signs, back splashes or murals.   These are made with fired on decals and are very durable and weather resistant if used outside.



Who We Are

Art Petch and High Rolls Clayworks created this web site called "Upper Level Ceramics"  to provide high quality and affordable ceramic decal printers, supplies and services. Colored ceramic decals are not new, but having a method to affordably create stunning images on ceramic pieces is.  Our goal is to make this amazing technology available to artists and craftsmen.

We are ceramic artists with technical backgrounds and love the integration of technology into ceramic arts.  We can help you bring new technologies to your ceramic work and take it to another level,  an "Upper Level" —that's why we are called Upper Level Ceramics.  We currently sell ceramic printers and supplies along with graphic design services, but our vision is to provide new technologies and products to the ceramics world to create new and exciting opportunities.

Art Petch,
Anthony Hyde
Operations and Production
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Upper Level Ceramics

Art Petch, Ottawa Canada  Tel: 1-613-406-5536

High Rolls Clayworks, New Mexico  Tel: 1-575-640-7580

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