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The Most Affordable Ceramic Decal Printers Available!

Our Ceramic Decal printers produce high quality Images and photographs
in color and true black and white fired on ceramic surfaces including pottery, tiles and most other fired ceramic pieces, such as mugs, plagues, bowls cups etc. Ceramic decals are ultra-durable, corrosion resistance and can be used in outdoor applications. 
We will send you a free  sample decal of your image so you can see the what our printers can do.

All of our Ceramic Laser Printers are new and come with technical and operational support 
for everything someone would need to know to produce ceramic decals. 
This includes guidance on how to use the printer along with how to create, apply and fire decals.  In addition, all of our printers come with professional photo editing software, along with support using the software.

Contact us for any questions and get a very fast reply.

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Upper Level Ceramics

C500 printer.jpg

Our "Workhorse" Industrial Printer Ceramic Color Laser Printer.

$3,799 with CMYK toners
$3,999 with CRYK toners


This ceramic printer prints very high quality decals 1200x2400 dpi on full range of normal paper sizes up to legal size (8.5 x 14 in.) and also many custom sizes.  Large toner cartridge's to print 2500 sheets, with included toner. Has  state of the art LED technology to replace the laser, very fast printing  faster and has a touch screen interface.  (120,000 printer per month duty cycle)


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Ceramic Color Laser "Office" Printer

Color Laser Printer.
Starting at $3399 with CMYK Toners
$3499 for CRYK toners.

A very durable Office Printer with outstanding color image quality and enhanced printing of 1200x2400 DPI. Perfect for printing HD quality ceramic decals.


  • High Duty Cycle of 85000 prints per month, which means it built to last.

  • Best in Class touchscreen User Interface

  • 35 ppm and 13 second first print out.

  • Large print size of 14” x 8.5” Legal

Xerox 6510 Printer.jpg

Ceramic Color Laser
"Studio" Printer

Our most popular model and the most affordable Ceramic Decal printer on the market.

  1. $2999.00 CMYK Toner and $3099 with CRYK Toner - Converted for producing high resolution digital ceramic decals with USB or Ethernet connectivity.  Easy to use with impressive results (50,000 prints per month duty cycle.)     A very reliable and well made printer to handle all of your studio decal needs.                                                                                                 

  2. Wifi Printing Hardware:  add $100.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



Introducing our “One-Color” 
Monochrome Ceramic Laser Printer

After many years of research, we are offering a new, high-quality Monochrome (single-color) laser printer to make ceramic decals, using the latest printing technology at a affordable price.

•Lowest price ever offered for a one-color laser decal printer!

•Easy to use, very fast printing with 2400dpi image quality.

•Will fire up to cone 04 depending on lamination paper.

•Glossy and semi-gloss firing to 1475 F

•Can fire onto glazed and unglazed ceramic surfaces with right lamination paper.  


Inquire about our refurbished 
RICOH SPC 430/440 printers

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