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Custom Printed Decals
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We can make decals from your designs that you can fire them on your own pottery.  

Email us your design and we will make the ceramic decals on either A4 Paper size (8.25x11.75) or letter size (8.5x11).  

See example pictures below.  


Each decal sheet is comprised of a waterslide paper with the imagery printed on it and a lamination paper fused to the waterslide paper. (More information.)

Choose between Matte or Gloss Lamination paper (sponge off).

Premium Glossy Lamination paper (peel off) is available for an additional $3 per sheet.

Application instructions are included.

price per sheet.jpg
Letter Decal Sheet
letter perry.jpg
A4 Decal Sheet
Decal page A4.jpg


Being studio potters ourselves we do not like to charge set up fees.  We prefer that you, the creator of the graphic set it up yourself.  But we are happy to work with you to understand the issues that can affect the quality of your applied decal and will help you over the phone, in person, or on a Zoom call. 

Generally the setup fee is included in the cost per sheet pricing but if extra time and work on our part is required any associated cost will be discussed at that time.

Full Color Digital Decal Costs
1-9 sheets $20 per sheet
10-19 sheets $16 per sheet
20-100 sheets $13.5 per sheet

PLEASE NOTE-Discounts do not apply to custom decal prints. 

*We may charge up to $25 set up fee if color matching is extremely critical and/or the design is complicated.

For critical color matching, we strongly advise providing us with a printed proof.

How to Send Your File
The following are simply recommendations to get the most from our high resolution printing process.
- Image files should be sent to .com. If your file is over 10MB you may need to use a free file sharing service like or Google Drive.
- 300 dpi file resolution renders the best image
- Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop and ".tiff" are the recommended formats.  We can help with filework for a small fee.
- Black & white images should be in grayscale.
- Color images should be in "CMYK SWOP coated" profile. This CMYK profile will give you the best rendering on your screen of the color limitation of the digital process.

If your image doesn't meet these guidelines, don't fret! Send us the file and we'll let you know if we can make it work for you. (Design work may require a nominal set-up fee.)


Click here to learn more about applying decals.

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