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Mugs with decals Ants.jpg
Decals on various mugs
Lizard Mural Decal on various tiles
Anthony Hyde
fired lizard mural.png
coat of arms.heic
Custom "Coat of Arms" for outside concrete  entry post.
fired on nine 8"x 8" tiles
tiles on table before install.jpg
Mary and Elizabeth (18"x24") for baptismal font.
decals fired on twelve 6'x6' tiles
baptismal font.jpg
Baptismal Font with the story of Mary's life in tiles in eight images around font.
Located  at Prince of Peace Church, Albuquerque New Mexico
Detail of "Ship at Sea"
  • Art Petch
Altered Photo Decals on Tumbler
  • Art Petch 
  • Kate Petch (photo)
long tiled yucca for webpic.jpg
 "Yucca Growing in White Sands" Photo 8"x48"
Decals fired on four 8"x12" tiles 
san pasqual.jpg
San Pasqual Mural with Ceramic Tile Border
Printed on eight 6'x6" tiles
Our lady of Guadalupe.jpg
(5'x9') Tiled Mural using fired on decals  with ceramic relief  carved border.  Installed 2019
 Original painting by Arlene Cisneros Sena and ceramic work done by High Rolls ClayWorks.
med woman backsplash.jpg
Kitchen back splash 24"x36" fired on 8"x8" tiles.
Extruded Toothbrush/Pencil Holder
  • Art Petch 
Bonsai Wall Hanging/Trivet. (12"x14")
Printed and fired on 80 tiles (1"x1") inlayed into acacia wood
Memory Box One:
  • Art Petch 
Memory Box Two:
"Reading the Newpaper by Pinecrest Creek"
  • Art Petch 
8"x8" Tile Trivet  inset in wood base
" Maisel the Dog "
Anthony Hyde
  • Art Petch 
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